Technique Two: Sand

For shooting flipbooks!

This is the current User Guide (4.0)

Dragonframe Tutorials may be found here:

And here is the youtube channel for Dragonframe:

And here are two phone apps for assembling your animation at home:


This is a fine example of sand art or sand storytelling, but is not actually ‘animation.’ This is happening ‘live.’ The storyteller is moving the sand (we can see her hands) as she creates scenes. Very beautiful! but not truly ‘animation.’

Here is a beautiful example of sand animation:

This was done by Caroline Leaf. Ms. Leaf worked on a light table using razor blades and other tools to create animated sand- the sand seems to move on its own. The camera is a down-shooter and any perceived camera moves were ‘animated,’ and not the result of moving the camera. Quite extraordinary!
Caroline Leaf- sand
Here is a photo of Ms. Leaf working on a sand animation.