Technique Six: Cut-outs


Traditional story-telling cut-outs
Terry Gilliam- Story Time, 1968

Be sure to watch other Terry Gilliam animations for Monty Python!

This is an example of Kinestasis. Not completely animated, but gets some movement in the way the photos are timed to the beat of the drumming music. (Like, Time marches on… get it?)
Chuck Braverman- American Time Capsule

Remember, this is only American history up to the time this show was made. A LOT has happened since then!

This is an excerpt from a great example of Experimental Cut-out Animation. It’s mostly abstract even though it tells a story.
Frank and Caroline Mouris- Frankly Caroline

And check out this Academy Award winning short film (Frank Film, 1973) by the same filmmakers using the same technique.

Finally, the last type of cut-out animation we will be doing is silhouette animation: