Help me, Shayne… I’m LOST!

Does this sound like you? Are you lost?
Hopefully this page helps!

These are the assignments pretty much everyone has turned in:
Bouncing Balls
Character Design
Model Sheet
Background Design

These are the assignments you should have finished (or are getting close to finishing):
Walk Cycle
Walk from A to B

The assignment we will be working on next (in class- when I return from France):
Turning Head

The last two assignments after that will be Dialogue and Special F/X
(You don’t need to work on those yet).

Whether you’ve finished your animatic or not, you should try to start animating part of your final project. Completing 50 drawings from your project by the time Spring Break is over, will put you on a good pace for eventually completing your final project.

You should try to shoot your 50 drawings (or more!) on April 11th (while I’m still in France, but the shooting room should be open for you).

Remember- 50 drawings is like doing a short flipbook! Really try to have that done by April 11th.
After that, I’ll be back and able to help you stay on track!!!

As always, email if you have any problems. Good luck!