Lesson Five


Words, continued:

7. Key Frame
A key frame is an extreme, a character drawing of the farthest position or pose.

8. Break Down
The middle drawing between two extremes.

Key frames and Break downs

9. In-between
The fill-in drawings between extremes and break-downs.

Side Note:
No Holds (even timing)

One Hold

One Hold (different drawing)

Two Holds

10. Flipping
Rifling through your animation to see if ‘it’s working.’

Even more words!
11. Peg Bar
12. Acme Hole Punch
13. TV Safe
14. Progressive and Interlace
15. Exposure Sheet (X-sheet)


For homework, you will work on your storyboards. There’s still time to make changes, but you should try to lock things down about now. Use scratch pad paper, or cut paper, or index cards to make your storyboards. Don’t glue them to the poster board or foam core board. You will be removing them to shoot your animatics (unless you wish to draw each one twice!). Removable tape makes this easiest. Of course, you can always cut them out (if glued)- but careful with scissors (and never run with them)! Storyboards will be presented next week!