Online Class! Lesson Six

Watch this video for the Turning Head CLASS assignment!

Our own Precha has allowed me to use his turning head assignment to help everyone figure out how to incorporate our animation words: key frame (or extreme), breakdown, and inbetween into this wonderful assignment.

First- here are each of the 8 drawings for the head turning cycle:

Now for the finished product… Super job, Precha!Precha_headturn


Here are some sample animatics.

This will be the next homework assignment (see below).

Shoot each of the cards/drawings from your storyboard (you probably already did this because we moved the class online). Then, if you have a way to assemble the the photos in movie form using one of the recommended tools (or one of your own apps), do it! Time it out. What does that mean? It means you should be able to watch your animatic like it’s a finished film project… just without animation. This exercise will help you figure out about how many drawings you will need to animate each section. For example: if a card lasts 4 seconds, you will need about 48 drawings (4 times 12).

Here are some apps for assembling your animation. If you know one that you like and want to recommend it to the class, use the Forum! Try to share only free apps.

To assemble your phone photos into animation, iMotion is super:

And you can use:
Apple’s version of Premiere or Final Cut

If you have an android (like me), this might work:

Of course, if you happen to own Premiere or Final Cut Pro… use it!
Here’s a Premiere refresher… should you need it!
It would seem that apple is extending their free trial of Final Cut Pro to 90 days… if you already use it, but don’t have it, check it out, outer checkers!

Again- if you already use an app you like, share the information in the Forum!