Lesson Two

(adapted from Ruth Kissane)

1. squash and stretch: squash is a reaction upon physical contact where a shape squashes or collapses briefly prior to recovering into normal pose and stretch is the temporary elongation of a shape.

2. action and reaction: action is the primary motion (main action) and any reaction is the result of the main action.



3. antici… pation: anticipation is the extended business that dramatically sets up an action.


4. path of action: line of movement.

5. straight ahead: drawings created in sequence from beginning to end.

For shooting flipbooks!

This is the current User Guide (4.0)

Dragonframe Tutorials may be found here:

And here is the youtube channel for Dragonframe:

And here are two phone apps for assembling your animation at home:

New word: cycle
This is animation that works continuously when looped.


Animate a bouncing ball (8-12 drawings, only) in a ‘cycle.’





Treatments usually consist of three parts (Acts). They are:

1. Exposition– Set up: where are we, who or what does the audience need to care about?

2. Conflict: this is the situation, the action, what happens in the story. The climax usually happens at the end of ‘Act 2.’

3. Resolution: this is the ‘wrap-up,’ how it all turns out


Think about what you want to do for a final project. It can be ANYTHING! Write a 1-3 paragraph ‘treatment’ on a story or situation you would like to animate. Your project can and probably will change during the course of the semester. That’s OK! Once you understand how to organize your thoughts and take them from the written word, to storyboard, to final project, the rest will be easy! Keep it short and simple. It’s better to include all aspects of the project that will make it special- including the trick ending! You will not be graded on spelling or grammar, but if you want it to be perfect and need some proofreading help, email me and I will give you some pointers.

Typed or hand-written is fine. You will be presenting your ‘cocktail napkin pitch.’ You won’t have to turn it in.