Online Class: April 30th, 2020


Did you see the great dialogue animation many of you did?

Before you watch the Homework Assignment Video, watch this PERFECT final project by former student Jedi B.

I DO NOT want you to copy this or animate the same thing. I just want to give you an example of a 30 second final project that shows GREAT MOVEMENT using simple drawings.


And finally for this week:

Here is another phone app (iPhone and Android) that might be a good way to assemble your animation IF you are having trouble with that! If you are NOT having trouble, ignore this part!
It’s called GIFMob
You can make GIFs OR MP4s with it! You can also share it to email. Just make sure when you save it, that you don’t have the reverse or back and forth function on. Just straight ahead. I tried it out, and even this old lady was able to figure it out! Of course, if you have any trouble with it, I’ll be happy to help you!