Online Class: May 14th, 2020

Your classwork this week is to read what it says to do for HOMEWORK.

Continue working on your final project. We have two more regular classes after this week (May 21st and May 28th). For the last week of class (May 28th to June 3rd), you should be assembling ALL your animations for the final project. If you know how to add sound… DO IT! But it is NOT a requirement this semester.

If you have been turning in folders of individual drawings or completed movie files of a section of your final, you should email me during the last week of class to get help putting it all together.

DO NOT WAIT! I do not want to be assembling half of the class’ finals on June 3rd!
You should be assembling your animation or getting help with it during the last week (between May 28th and June 3rd) so that you can turn in your finals on JUNE 4th!

Then I will be posting all the finals on the MM400/2 Youtube Channel for our Virtual Class Film Festival!