Online Class: May 28th, 2020

You all should be finished animating! If not, DO IT!!!

This week you should be adding sound (if you want… it’s not required) and making your final product. Under normal circumstances, you would have sound and your final output would be an MP4 or MOV or AVI (for example) at 1080p with title and credit. HOWEVER!!!, these are not normal circumstances, so… I will accept just about any format, any size (as long as it plays).

Please do not wait to turn it in on the 4th of June. Turn it in as soon as you are finished so that it will make it to the Virtual Film Festival.

Those of you who can not assemble the animation yourselves, PLEASE email me so we can work on that together this week. I’ll need to know the order of your pieces and make sure that I have ALL of them.

NOW… get ‘er done!