Online Class: May 7th, 2020

If you have done all of these assignments:
1. Thaumatrope/Phenakistoscope/Zoetrope
2. Flipbook
3. Bouncing Ball
4. Treatment
5. Character Design
6. Model Sheet
7. Background Design
8. Walk Cycle
9. Storyboard
10. Turning Head
11. Animatic
12. Walk from A to B
13. F/X
14. Dialogue

You have finished EVERYTHING except your final animated project! YAY!!!
It also means you have only homework left to do (which is working on your final project).
If you’re missing any assignments, you may still turn them in. If you’re only missing one or two of them, just focus on your final project.

Now for…

Continue animating your final project! If you need more guidance, watch the homework video from last week (April 30th). Otherwise, just keep working on smooth animation for your final.

Remember! You don’t have to animate the WHOLE thing. It can be a scene or a movie trailer. I just want to see 20 to 30 seconds or 240 to 360 drawings (in TOTAL) of SMOOTH animation by JUNE 4th (last day of class).

If you don’t have a way to turn your pictures into a movie file, USE GIFMob! It’s pretty easy!!!
Questions? EMAIL ME!!!