Week Four

Remember: Clay homework assignment (100 images) is due October 6th! At the very least you should have your jpgs shot to Dragon Stop Motion. Otherwise, have your exported quicktime movie on the shared drive at the beginning of class.

And speaking of the shared drive… Curtis informs us that the computers might not crash as often while shooting if the original project file is left on whichever computer you’re on and then export your project to the shared drive. If you decide to shoot to the local computer, don’t forget to export to the shared drive- that’s the only way to get credit for the assignment!

This week we’ll learn a little about 3D and strata-cut!

View this guy’s wax experiments from the 1920s:

Please read all you can about this pioneering animation filmmaker.
Disclaimer: YES, we watched the DVD of this artist’s films and YES, we are well within our rights to have done so as LAMC purchased the institute copy of his works.

Learn about this guy!

And watch everything you can on youtube:

Especially this:

And this:

Some of his videos are in 3D (which makes understanding his tutorials a little easier for us mortals). Fortunately, everyone will get a free pair of 3D anaglyph glasses!


Be sure to bring your modeling clay (if you want more or better colors than what the monkey house has to offer) to the next class to work on your strata-cut logs!


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