Week Fourteen


Here is a list of films everyone should watch sometime in their lives. Enjoy!
1. The Court Jester
2. Duck Soup
3. Fun With Dick and Jane (original)
4. The Third Man
5. Runaway Train
6. My Fair Lady
7. Time Bandits
8. To Sir With Love
9. Lost In Translation
10.Pajama Game

Of course, there are many, many others, but these will make you a well-rounded, happy individual! 🙂

This week we are working on our final projects. Please email if you are having trouble or questions or anything!

Some of you have expressed a desire to add subtitles to your final projects. Here is a link to guide you through that process if you are uploading your project to YouTube:

YouTube accepts several formats- .srt is probably most easy to use. I’ve made this type of file using Word. I believe any regular text editor can make one of these.

Another (but more time consuming) way to add subtitles is to make a Photoshop file of each line of text and saved as tiff (this will preserve the transparent background -make sure your background is transparent!). You can use any font, but make sure it’s easy to read and put a ‘stroke’ on it if your project goes from light to dark throughout (also to make it easier to read). Once you have your tiffs, you can import them into Premiere (just like your images) and drag each one to the Video 2 timeline. Stretch each text image for the correct duration. You can even add a fade into and out of the text images. See me personally during next class if you need help with this.


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