Week Three


by Art Clokey (creator of Gumby!)

Gumbasia came out in 1955, Gumby came out a bit later:
See many, many Gumby cartoons!

Like the Christmas stop-motion cartoons from the 60s, clay animated films are often shot on 3’s (8 unique images per second). That’s how we’ll be shooting our clay animations. Although, sometimes filmmakers go the extra mile and shoot on 2’s (that’s a lot of work!).

A little music appreciation…
The Original Dumbledore sings MacArthur Park

…so that this makes sense!


Jurassic Park Song, wikipedia

Directed by our friend, Mark Osborne (no relation to this guy…

with a 'u' - Osbourne)

with a ‘u’ – Osbourne)

Speaking of Mark, we watched More!

We also watched Sledgehammer!

So many talented independent animators showcased by this guy! And we will see many films by several of these artists!

After all this, we broke into groups and created two (so far) spectacular short clay films. We’ll continue to shoot clay (and finish flipbooks) next week!

Shoot 100 unique images of clay animation. Remember, smaller movements yields smoother animation. You may use the clay that I have left in the Monkey House or use your own clay. Check out FIMO and Sculpey brands if you’re really into it and want to make something out of this world. Otherwise, Roseart or whatever Michael’s, Beverly’s, Joann’s, etc. sell is just fine. And if you can find ‘modeling clay’ at the 99cent store or Dollar Tree… go for it! Spending a lot of money or using wire armatures http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armature_%28sculpture%29 is not necessary to get a good grade. I’m most interested in the movement!

This assignment should be placed in the 2.Clay folder on the shared drive (as a quicktime movie) by the beginning of class two weeks from yesterday. Due: September 29, 2016

Remember! If you are having any trouble or don’t quite know what to do… email me, or talk to me before class, or after class, or whenevs. (Yes, I just wrote whatevs.)


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