Week Twelve

We are working now on our final projects. This will count as your final! Do a good job. Don’t worry as much about how long it is, but rather how well animated it is! It can be one technique or more, but it must be techniques learned this semester in this class!

Next week is Thanksgiving, so there will be no class. The week after, December 1st, you should be prepared to build (sets, for example), shoot, and edit! If you shoot from home, but you need a way to assemble your amazing animation, bring in your JPGS (images) and any MP3s or .wav files (for sound). There will be people to help you put it all together.

Need free sound effects? Check this, checkers:

All you need is an email address. There are other free sounds out there. Do a google search. Some of them require only that you give them credit.

Also try:
The public domain sounds are free, don’t need credit, and don’t require a pssword!

You can also record sounds by shooting video with your phones. There is a way to separate the sound from the video- we just need the whole video file.

Finished finals should be put on the shared drive by 1:30 PM December 15th. We will have a little ‘pot luck’ and watch our fantastic films.

Special Note: for those interested in smaller, three dimensional zoetropes, check this:

If you’re having trouble, email me (shaynehood@gmail.com) or come to class to talk to me! I want you all to get a ‘C’ or better- don’t make me fail anyone! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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