Week Four

Week Four!

Present Character Designs!

Model sheets
betty boop-model sheet


If shooting from home use these settings:

720 by 480 pixels
resolution (dpi) at or below 300 (but at least 72)
file extension: .jpg

If you do not have a way to assemble your jpgs at home, bring them in a folder on a thumb drive (USB key).


7.Key Frame
8.Break Down

Background Design:


Films with simple backgrounds:
Excerpt from Jules Engel’s Carnival, 1963 (World of Sine)

Jeremy Can’t Drink Milk

More examples of films with very simple backgrounds and some color (not ‘full’ color):


Then- you might think this is simple, but it’s not!’
Presenting the magic that is Don Hertzfeldt:


At the beginning of next class, you will each pin up your background designs. They, too, may be fully colored (pencil, paint, crayons, whatever!). This background design should be based on your final project HOWEVER! as always, you may end up changing your project. That’s still OK, but definitely have your designs for character and background locked down by the time you work on your storyboards!


2 comments on “Week Four

  1. I found a model sheet that I think might help out with the class’ model sheets:

    Also, here’s some character designs I thought I could share. Note that when I say ‘bad’ and ‘good’, that’s just what I view as a good/bad design. You guys can have your own thoughts.

    Bad ones:

    (I love the last two characters but I’ll admit their designs aren’t very inspired.)

    Good ones:

    Here’s also a group pic that might help with upcoming projects. I’m not too sure what kind of character designs to consider them though. http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100822214908/megaman/images/6/69/RMCoverPromo.jpg

    • The last two ‘good’ ones are great, Linda! The group pic might be a little too similar to the problems I had with the group pic of Dragonball. They’re compelling (and round!) but just a little too similar to each other.

      Of course, we can still love the characters (like the ones you love, Linda) even if they’re less inspired!

      BTW- (to everyone who comments), I might eventually take of the ‘waiting for moderation’ function so people may comment freely (as long as everyone behaves ‘nicely.’) We’ll see…

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