Week Six

Week Six!


The rest of the words:
11.Peg Bar
Peg Bar

12.Acme Hole Punch
Acme Hole Punch

13.TV Safe -Shows TV safe area for older monitors (not so much a problem with flat screen TVs).
Animation Field Guide

14.Progressive and Interlace

15.Exposure Sheet (X-sheet)

-Dan was our director extraordinaire at 7th Level where I used to animate special effects for high quality, 2D traditionally animated CD-Rom games. Ever play Ace Ventura Pet Detective? I did most of the effects!

Simple X-sheet (exposure sheet)

You should be able to print this out if you so desire!

Here are some sample animatics. Let’s discuss!


We will watch animatics next week. Have your movies on the shared drive by 4:00 PM. You will shoot your storyboard to the timing you have created. For instance, if card 7 from your storyboard is going to last 4 seconds, you will shoot that card for a total of 4 seconds. This will give you an idea of how your animation will flow and how many drawings you will need for each part of your project. You may add sound for the animatic if you’d like (and have time), but it is not required. Sound and/or sound effects will be required for the final project!


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