Week Thirteen

It’s lucky week thirteen! Everyone should have at least 1/4 (or more) of their project animated by now. If not, get crackin’!

Good luck!

Special Effects (F/X)…

We will be discussing special effects, what those are, and how we can make simple special effect cycles.

Ever play Ace Ventura Pet Detective? I did most of the effects!

(Click to view larger)
Here is the same special effects animation slowed down:
(Click to view larger)

If you haven’t had the chance, watch almost anything from this channel:

If you don’t have time, at least watch this:

And finally!
As we discussed, the only ‘homework’ you should be doing is animating your project! Work on it at home. Work on it at work and school. Heck, work on it in your sleep!!!

One more thing we have to do in class, though. Write a very simple essay. You may choose between a 2 paragraph essay or a 5 paragraph essay. Either way, your paper should be a little more than one page, but definitely fewer than two (please, PLEASE, don’t make me read papers longer than two pages!).

If you choose the two paragraph essay- compare and contrast two animated movies, animators, or animation studios. Compare what makes them similar. Contrast what makes them different. That’s it!

If you choose the five paragraph essay- write about your very favorite movie, animator, or animation studio.

You won’t have to do research (unless you want to). These are mostly opinion pieces! Only do this for homework if you have time and you already know what you’re doing (and how).
Otherwise, I can take you step by step, breaking everything down into easier chunks. You might even learn something for writing in other classes (but probably not). No worries, though!!!


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