A little help with Editing

Animators! Here is a tutorial showing about where things are in Premiere Pro CS6. Some of the dropdown menus don’t show up clearly, but I say explicitly what I am doing for each step and show about where you may find things. If you are needing help with editing, watch the whole video first and then see if you can apply it to whatever software you are using (like Final Cut Pro). It won’t look the same, but it should behave about the same.

Of course, if you already know what you’re doing, you don’t have to watch!

Below is the companion tutorial to editing. Remember… the video just shows about where things are and the order of doing things IF you have Premiere Pro CS6. Otherwise, you have to extrapolate where things would be if you have a different editor.

If you have Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud), the post linked below shows step by step (through pictures) how to edit. It’s a little different than my version (CS6). Read each step before going on to the next picture. Be aware of the parts in yellow (numbered orders of operation!).