Adding a Sound Effect


Free Sounds!
Sometimes you’ll need to register an email address, but it’s free. Sometimes, individual sounds from the library will require ‘attribution’ (that means ‘credit’) or a license fee (don’t pay for anything!). Stick with the freebies!

These are free sounds from the Flinstones library (very cool… and funny!). You may preview them (listen to them), then… when you find the sound you want, scroll down to where it says, ‘download options’ and choose your mp3!’s+Flintmobile+Auto+Take+Off.mp3

If you wish to make your own sound effect, you can use your phone to record just sound or use the camera’s video function to record your sound, then bring it into Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, separate the video and audio track (‘unlink’ for Premiere), and then cut the video using only the audio.

I don’t have Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro!!!
That’s ok! Either of these phone apps have ways to record or add sound:
To assemble your phone photos into animation, iMotion is super:
If you have an android (like me), this might work:
Both of these apps might require purchase to use the sound function. If you don’t have the funds, you may send me the video (of animation) and the audio (your sound effect) and I will assemble it for you. But you have to be able to tell me where the audio starts in relation to the video (so I can get it synced just right!).

Homework is to either add a sound effect to one of your previous animation assignments OR do a short animation to a sound effect. That’s it! Have fun with it!


Here is a link to the Spring 2020 Virtual Film Festival… Enjoy!

If you wish to be in the Fall 2020 Virtual Film Festival, you must turn in your final project by December 15th.
The Final Project FOR YOUR GRADE is due no later than December 19th. So if you aren’t quite finished by the 15th, you may turn in what you have or an excerpt for the festival and then turn in the finished product for your grade on the 19th.

Here are some examples of past MM400 projects (these students received ‘A’s in the class):

(warning: language!)