Character Design

Character Design

Phil Harris plays the voice of both characters.
Duos Great and Small:

A horse is a horse is a…

So… many of these characters might not seem that interesting because they’re too much alike or like other characters from other cartoons.
Now this is a horse design that’s different!

The Disney Princesses! I love the Disney Princesses, but notice how it seems they could all wear the same clothes?

And it’s not just Disney! (I also love DragonballZ… but they kind of look too similar.)
What do you think of these designs?

For Fun:
Disney reuses animation

Premake for Up!

Great Character Design:
Please check out AMAZING character designer, Mary Blair:

These are also great designs (I especially love Nani… she’s definitely different from the princesses!

And even though these sets of characters are similar- their differences make them charming:

Character Design Assignment- go all out, with color if you’d like, and make a super awesome drawing of one of the characters for your project. It can have full detail (we’ll simplify them for animation purposes, later).