Storyboard for Final Project

Watch Joe Ranft presenting a storyboarded scene from Toy Story:

For your storyboard assignment… it does NOT have to be this detailed! Go to ‘sample storyboard’ below!

Here is a sample storyboard. Watch the next video to find out what to do for your storyboard assignment!

1. Place your storyboard cards/papers in a grid (for example: 3 across, 2 down- if you have 6 drawings)
2. Take a single picture of it (if it doesn’t all fit, you may take 2 or 3 pictures, but try not to take too many)
3. Upload the picture of your storyboard to Canvas or send through email (like however you usually submit your assignments)
4. Make sure you explain in a few words what is happening for each card (this can be typed into an email with corresponding card numbers or written directly on the cards themselves)
If you upload your picture in the comments below (for help, suggestions, or encouragement) you will get 2 extra credit points!

One comment on “Storyboard for Final Project

  1. So WordPress doesn’t seem to allow images in the comments any longer! (They used to allow it!)
    I have created a discussion board within Canvas to upload your storyboards for comments, suggestions, and 2 extra credit points! (Remember, it’s not required, but it might be helpful!)

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