Technique Four: Clay

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by Art Clokey (creator of Gumby!)

Gumbasia came out in 1955, Gumby came out a bit later:
See many, many Gumby cartoons!

Like the Christmas stop-motion cartoons from the 60s, clay animated films are often shot on 3’s (8 unique images per second). Although, sometimes filmmakers go the extra mile and shoot on 2’s (that’s a lot of work!).

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A little music appreciation…

The Original Dumbledore sings MacArthur Park

…so that this makes sense!

Directed by our friend, Mark Osborne (no relation to this guy…

with a 'u' - Osbourne)

with a ‘u’ – Osbourne)

Speaking of Mark, watch More!

Recognize the music? It was used in Stranger Things, long after More!

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Watch Sledgehammer!

So many talented independent animators showcased by this guy! And we will see many films by several of these artists!

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Make your own Play-doh! (And get one extra credit point!)

And for inspiration:

PSA starring Penny! Most, if not all, of this was animated flat under a camera. You can do that!